Zebra Nerite

Yesterday I picked up my first Snail ever! He's in my 55 gallon planted tank. I look in on him and he's just snailing along! Busy little guy. I really like him. Something new for me in getting, so just wanted to share it with the community.
Here he is! Totally entertaining! I am having more fun watching him travel! lol Then later I go over and play can you find the snail with my kids!

Edit: I am having MORE fun watching this snail, it's crazy!
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I was commenting once again on something funny my mystery snail did last night and my friend Michael said, "I think you like those silly snails more than you like the fish!"

I think I do too
I think snails are underrated =] most people wouldn't think they could be entertaining or cool haha.

the other day I was at a store....and saw a display of pretty good sized glass animals. there was a snail! I had to get it lol. it is not that often you see snails in the retail world
I think I've watched the little guy go from one side of the tank to the next today. He even went down on the substrate for a bit and then back up on the glass. I swear he doesn't stop until evening hits and then I notice he bunkers down in a spot for awhile and rests.

Just noticed he's above the water line. lol I've read they will travel out of the tank if not happy and can't be out too long.

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I have two of those little guys and I love watching them! My 3 year old and I play find the snail almost everyday. Every once in a while I will swear there is only one and the other will pop up out of nowhere! Cute little guys and they keep my tank soooo clean, that's the best part!
I had some kind of different nerites once....and 2 of them kept climbing out of the tank. they actually died because I didn't find them quickly enough a few times. but i've not had that issue with the zebras, tracked, black or coronas. mine hang above the water....but don't leave the tank. which is good! =]

I wonder if those other nerites were some kind of brackish snail and didn't like my water? it was frustrating. haha

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