Zebra Nerite Snail stripes changing direction


I have a couple Zebra Nerite snails in my 20H, they seem happy and have laid eggs on every conceivable crack on the wood and pump intake.

One of them seems to have changed the direction of his stripes, i'm pretty sure that when I bought him almost all of his stripes went down the length of his shell. Now it appears that his stripes are horizontal and seem to be growing that way as the band of horizontal stripes is getting wider. It is only happening to one of them.

I will take a pic when he comes out from under the wood.

Has anyone observed this before on Nerites and if so does it mean anything?


No, I keep Nerites but I am obviously not as observant as you. Very interesting!


Here is a pic of the Nerite snail with stripes that are changing directions.

Never heard of it before, if anyone else has seen it, does it indicate something about the tank or the health of my snail?


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I've seen something similar on a couple of my nerites. Not so much a direction change of the lines but a slight difference in the pattern of the new shell growth since I first got them. It's probably related to changes in water chemistry and diet from their native habitat to your tank.


I have one that has done the same thing, he is hidden in my tank at mo but will get pic when he is out. I don't have a clue why. just thought he looked good


I have experienced this a couple of times. Not sure why, or if it indicates a problem or not.


Here is a pic of the Nerite snail with stripes that are changing directions.

That is the coolest picture ever!


I have two Zebra snails that are at least 4 yrs old. I'm surprised how long they are lasting but they've had the stripe change as well in the past. I thought one died a couple of weeks ago when I found an empty shell under the lid near the light. But I was amazed this evening when I found both snails were still in the water after all! I'm sure they're not meant to be able to completely change their shells are they?! The only other explantation I guess would be if a look alike snail from the garden had managed to get into the tank in the hallway of my house- seems extremely unlikely. The dried up shell under the lid was exactly the same size and shape as the Zebra snails in the tank. Very odd!! The snail had been climbing out of the water more than normal for a couple of weeks before I found the empty shell. I joined the forum because I was so surprised and wondered if anybody else had come across this before?


Two of my zebra nerites have done the same thing. Makes them kind of interesting I think. I was thinking it had something to do with a change in environment as in when they went into a new tank. I don't know though. I'll be watching this thread to see what others have to say.


That usually has to do with the pH of a tank. The pH affects the growth rate of the snails shell so it also affects the pattern. I believe that's why the zebra nerite is like that.


The pH thing makes sense. My pH is usually higher than the previous one.

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