Zebra Nerite eggs & what to do?


HI everyone,

So I know there are like 1000+ questions on here about zebra nerite snails and their eggs, but I can’t seem to find an answer to my specific question anywhere.

I have a single zebra nerite snail in a 10 gallon freshwater planted aquarium with a betta and two African dwarf frogs. I have seen conflicting information on whether zebra nerites are asexual or if they need partners to fertilize and create viable eggs. The snail has just laid eggs all over the glass and I know they won’t hatch in freshwater. I’m wondering if they are still viable and what I can do to hatch them. I never thought of having brackish or saltwater equipment on hand, as I’ve only ever had freshwater aquariums, but now that I’m faced with snail eggs I feel like I would like to try to hatch them.

If I run out to the shop early tomorrow morning and get some marine salt and a hydrometer (and whatever else I need—at your advice), set the whole thing up in a little 1 gallon I’ve got lying around with cycled freshwater with marine salt added (however much I would need, I guess according to the instructions on the package?), and put the eggs into the 1g, could they have a chance at hatching? I’ve heard it’s difficult and there’s a high likelihood they won’t, but I’m going for the possibility. How should I move the eggs, in the first place? I've heard it's difficult. Do I need substrate (crushed coral?), and if crushed coral isn’t a necessity, how do I get enough calcium in the water for their shells? Will I need a filter in this setup? Is brackish water fine, or do I need to go all the way to saltwater? Will my existing zebra nerite be okay if I put it directly from the fresh water into the brackish or saltwater, or do I need to acclimate him somehow? If so, how should I do that? My 10 gallon hovers around 78-80F in this summer heat without a heater, so is a heater necessary for a 1g? I know they do best around 79, so that should be okay... If they hatch, how long should I keep them in the 1g? What do they require, aside from calcium for their shells and consistent algae (is calcium even necessary?) after they are hatched?

Wow this whole process seems far too complicated. Sorry, I know it’s a LOT of questions, we’re just really excited about this and want to do it right! Thanks for any help!

Kat & Mark
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