Zebra Nerite and Mystery Snail


I have two snails that aren't doing well and I'm not sure why. One is a mystery snail I bought about a month ago at Petsmart. It's always been the less active of the two I got there. It hasn't grown at all while the other has tripled in size. It stopped moving actively about a week ago, so I moved it to its own 3 gallon. It still moves slightly, but doesn't seem to be doing well at all.

The other is a zebra nerite I got from Bob's Tropical Plants last week. I bought 2 zebra nerites and 2 batikI nerites. One zebra was DOA. The one I'm concerned about stopped moving after I added some plants about 4 days ago. I moved it to the 3 gallon as well. The batikI nerites in the same original tank are doing very well.

My question is, what else can I do? I moved them to the 3 gallon because it has the most algae and no other fish that would mess with them in case they were in a weakened state. I've tried pulling them out into a separate container with an algae wafer but they're not eating. While the mystery snail is at least moving somewhat, the zebra hasn't come out of its shell in 4 days.



Hmm what are your parameters? Are the snails getting a sufficient source of algae?


Sometimes snails hide like that But its very difficult to determine the cause of sickness in inverts.


Both of the tanks they originally were in are cycled with nitrates below 10. I have added some cuttlebone to raise the ph a bit in the 3 gallon in case that were the issue (it's been around 7.2 in the other tanks due to some driftwood). I feed algae wafers and zucchinI as supplements to the algae which may not help in the nerites case. They're both still alive because I pulled them out to check them last night and the mystery crawled back up the glass but it's floating this morning. The nerite just pulled back further into its shell last night. I think the algae is fine since the other nerites and mystery are growing and thriving. I'm stumped. The 3 gallon they're in now has a lower temp...around 76.


The zebra nerite is definitely dead. I'm so disappointed. I can't find them locally, so I had to order them. The mystery snail is still alive, but is really not acting right. I'm going to check him again after lights out to see if it might be moving around after dark.

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