Zebra Looks Bloody And Struggling To Swim

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Drew Kissling, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. Drew KisslingNew MemberMember

    I have Zebra Danio's and this is my second one in the last week that has had this issue. He is struggling to swim, he more just floats at the bottom of the tank, and has what looks like blood all over him as you can see in the picture. The other Zebra unfortunately died. Is this a parasite of some kind or is he getting attacked by my other Zebra's? They always seem to chase each other and wrestle but that's what Zebra's do. Anyone have any ideas or seen this before? Pictures of the fish are attached. I tried to zoom in so it's a bit blurry

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  3. Drew KisslingNew MemberMember

    Based off of a strip test, ph-7.2, ammonia is not on the strip, nitrites and nitrates are both 0. Only reading slightly out of whack is the hardness is high but that's just due to our city water.
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    hmmm... my concern was actually ammonia especially if you nitrates are at zero this concerns me your cycle may have crashed. do you have LFS that could possibly test your water? also, because other people will may have other solutions, what else is in the tank with them? also, I forgot what is the temp?
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    No LFS unfortunately. I have 6 zebra's (had 7) and 2 juvenile Chinese algae eaters. My other thought is maybe the CAE was attaching to the fish as I have read about that before but I have never seen them interact with any of the other fish, they just go about their own business
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    I ran to Walmart and got Ammonia test strips. This was def high, reading about 3.0. I also grabbed some Ammonia clear tabs and have added those. Hopefully, this will take care of the issue. Water temp is 78+-2
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    The best way to get your Ammonia down is water changes. I would do a 50% water change right now. Then wait an hour or two and do another 50% water change. Then retest. You gotta get the toxins out of the tank.
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    I have gotten the ammonia levels back down to 0 with the tablets as well as a 50% water change thankfully! I did lose the Zebra though but all other fish seem happy and healthy! I will test my water over the next few days to make sure the levels all stay down. Thank you guys for your help!