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Discussion in 'Zebra Danio' started by Isabella, Dec 1, 2005.

  1. Isabella

    IsabellaFishlore VIPMember

    Anyone knows how large do zebra danios grow? Are they difficult to maintain? Are they compatible with angelfish and neons? What pH and temperatures do they prefer? Are they shoaling or schooling fish? Or can they be kept in pairs (ex. just 2 of them)? Thanks for any replies :)
  2. Janmitch22

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    I've heard they're hardy enough for anything. People usually cycle their tanks with danios, don't they? I'm pretty sure they're schooling fish...so maybe get like five or more.
  3. Gunnie

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    Zebra danios get about 2 and a half inches long and like to be in schools. I cycled my first tank with three of them and they did beautifully. It would probably be better to have 5 or 6 of them, but mine seemed happy. They are very easy to keep.
  4. newbie101

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    i have 4 of them and a pleco in my tank since my 2 platies died, but i think im going to get a pair of guppies. my danios are very lively and all doing great. they like to play tag and follow the leader. they are soooooooooo tough too. my platies died from ammonia from the first day they were lookin sick but the danios thought it was great! they just zipped around, not one got sick at all. theyre pretty too. i think they like same temp (75-80?) and ph (around 7.0) as most other fish. so they arent diffucult at all.

    and are you putting angels and neons together? the angels will eat the neons.
  5. OP

    IsabellaFishlore VIPMember

    Thanks to all of you :) I am not saying that I am going to get zebra danios, lol. But I'm considering! Plus, I want to get every fish I see in my pet store! Well .... I want zebra danios, chanda rangas, dawrf rainbow gouramis, rams, discus, rainbowfish ... um ... I better stop right here because the list is endless. How I'd love to have, like, 10 tanks and have all the fishies I like, lol. I better stop going to my pet store every time they have new fish, because once I'm there I just walk around and stare at the fish and want to get every one of them, lol.

    Anyway, as for now I only have a 30g. tank and I realize I can't get every fish I want. So I'll get maybe some more small fish like zebra danios. I'll see. I also have a 10g. quarantine tank, and I was thinking about putting some fish in it and decorating it nicely ... but then again, if any of my fish ever get sick, I'll have no tank to treat them in. So it's gotta stay the way it is. And a 50-100g. tank is something I'll try to get in the future when I have my own house. Hope it will work out!

    Emma, :) yes I know that angels can eat neons, but not when angels are raised from babies together with neons. I bought my neons and my angels when all were small, they grew up together, and I have never had problems with angels bothering neons. When one puts adult and fully grown angels with neons, then they will probably eat neons. But when you get angels when they're still babies and raise them with neons, they get used to neons and all is fine. At least it is in my case. My angels seem to simply ignore the neons. And at feeding times the angels let the neons eat with them :)
  6. OP

    IsabellaFishlore VIPMember

    What will happen if I get only 2 zebra danios (or in general, 2 of any shoaling or schooling fish)? Will they get sick or something of the sort? Because they're not in a group? How does it affect the shoaling/schooling fish if they're not in large groups?
  7. newbie101

    newbie101Well Known MemberMember

    schooling fish will most likely get aggressive when not in schools. i had put my danios in slowly, i got 1 then antother then 2 more. one of the first 2 was bullying the other and he ended up with a torn gill cover and a ripped analfin. :'( he's better now though. when i put in the other 2 they all got along fine and theyre swimming happily with each other now.

    they wont be as happy in small groups as they would be with more of them.
  8. Butterfly

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    Isabella the danios would probably be ok but you wouldn't get to see them act the way they naturally would in groups. they are fascinating in large groups, looks like synchronized swimming :D