Zebra Danios Are They Going To Breed? 10 Gallon Tank

Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by JustinOPG, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. JustinOPGNew MemberMember

    The 2 zebra danios I have I believe are male and female and recently the smaller male (brownish colored one) started chasing the blue one non stop and wouldn’t bite but it would swim half way up to her and the female would run they have been going into the plants the female was a lot larger a couple hours ago I wonder if she laid eggs somewhere. So do the males stop chasing after eggs have been laid? Also I have been feeding them a mix of freeze dried blood worms and tetra tropical fish flakes (for the tetras in the tank) so can someone please give me insight on what happened and what the eggs could possibly look like. Sorry for the bad photos they move a lot and I took them from my iPhone. 79349A9C-C47A-42FB-A96D-67ED1424EFA6.jpegB1550714-5DFC-471C-A2B3-C9E1DCF006FE.jpegB8598998-629B-4E3D-9912-BCE08BB0697F.jpeg2DE27B14-849E-4B03-A5E7-BEE5BE550EAD.jpeg
  2. Five 97Well Known MemberMember

    That sounded like a spawning to me - the eggs are very tiny and you likely won't see any, especially with the white substrate. Depending on the temperature of the tank, the eggs will usually hatch in about 24 to 36 hrs. After they hatch they will appear as little slivers of grey latched onto the glass, on the substrate, or on objects. If you can can see them, and if some have survived up to this point, you can save them by separating them into a different tank or even a net fry holder/breeder box.
    Otherwise, none of the offspring will be able to make it in a 10g with the adults and the other fish, as they will be hunted down and eaten. If you are wanting to raise some fry, I would let nature take its course on this occasion and breed them again when you are prepared to care for the resulting fry.

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