zebra danios and glofish

Discussion in 'Glofish' started by wonton55912, Apr 10, 2010.

  1. wonton55912Valued MemberMember

    my dad wants me to get glofish. i like plain zebras. will they school if i got both?

  2. BreederGuy23New MemberMember

    I don't think they will school but i don't know much about Zebra's or Glofish Wait for one of the more knowledable fishlorians to help you.

  3. Jake the FishValued MemberMember

    Glofish is the name given to genetically modified zebra danios. Researchers in Singapore added a fluorescence gene from a sea coral to zebra danio eggs to produce glofish. This gene causes the genetically modified fish to fluoresce or light up in the presence of environmental toxins.

  4. wonton55912Valued MemberMember

    i know what they are. but will they school?
  5. Jake the FishValued MemberMember

    They should if they are both zebra danios'. The only difference is that the glofish are just fluorescent colours.
  6. wonton55912Valued MemberMember

  7. Jake the FishValued MemberMember

    For starters, the betta shouldn't go with livebearers. I am not sure, but the livebearers would be ok with the danios. If you want livebearers maybe get some swordtail's or platys.

    You should just keep a betta in a tank by itself.
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2010
  8. BreederGuy23New MemberMember

    They could but if they aren't in a big enough school they will fin nip the betta,glofish,and livebearers.
  9. wonton55912Valued MemberMember

    what is considered "big enough"
  10. wonton55912Valued MemberMember

    i already have these fish. the betta is fine with the rest of the fish. he does chase sometimes but he is too slow
  11. Jake the FishValued MemberMember

    Big Enough is a school of danios that has about 6 or more.
  12. wonton55912Valued MemberMember

    can it be 5? my parents aproved of 4 and i can try to squeeze another in.
  13. Jake the FishValued MemberMember

    I guess so, if they seem uncomfortable then add some more.
  14. wonton55912Valued MemberMember

    i will add 1 if they nip any other fish with themself
  15. Jake the FishValued MemberMember

    The danios might nip the betta. A school of 6 is recommended but 1 less should be ok. Add the fish slowly so they don't get too startled.

    Good Luck,
  16. wonton55912Valued MemberMember

    trust me, they wont. if the even try, the betta will chase them.
  17. BreederGuy23New MemberMember

    6 is considered a big enough school,but 5 will be ok,what sized tank do you have.
  18. wonton55912Valued MemberMember

  19. BreederGuy23New MemberMember

    What type of pleco do you have and if your tank is overstocked the danios will fin nip your guppies,platies,and your betta.
  20. Jake the FishValued MemberMember

    If it's a Bristlenose or any other similar type it should be alright. If it's a common pleco, good luck finding it a new home.

    BreederGuy, I hope you realise that your common pleco will outgrow your tank.

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