Zebra Danio


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    Hi thanks for having such an informative site. Recently became addicted to the Aquarium hobby. I have a Zebra fish thats belly a lot bigger than the other 4. I know they are egg layers but wasn't sure if i would have any success breeding her ( if she is pregnant ) in an attached breeder box with the air attachment that circulates the tank water it is attached to.
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    That would not work. When zebra danios breed the males chase the females round which encourages them to lay eggs. Then as soon as they are layed he fertilizes them. The whole process involves a lot of chasing so they need the space. She would not be able to breed without a male with her.
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    Thanks for the welcome and the speedy reply. I did read they need to be paired up just wanted verification. I am having amazing success however breeding guppies...Which is basically putting them together and waiting a week :)...I'll stick to the guppies for now. And maybe by some freak of nature my males fertilize my females danio and the eggs hatch then all the more power to me...and more fish tanks :)