Zebra Danio swimming erratically

  1. Shad0wguy Initiate Member

    One of my Zebra Danios began swimming very strangely the other day. It would swim vertically, upside down, and spiral out of control when startled. I took a quick video of what it is doing...


    I did some quick searching which suggests swim bladder disease or tetra disease. I've never had a fish have this problem before, and the other fish in the tank seem to all be fine.

    Does anyone know what is wrong with this fish? Should I just assume it is dying and put it out of its misery, or is there a way to help it?
  2. celizabethh3 Member Member

    How long has this tank been set up for? What are your water parameters - ammonia, nitrite and nitrate? How big is the tank?

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  3. Shad0wguy Initiate Member

    It's a 55 gallon tank that has been in the same location running for about a year. I'll have to check the levels when I get home later.
  4. celizabethh3 Member Member

    I was going to say it might be ammonia poisoning but if it's an established tank, I doubt that would be the case.

    Does (s)he eat normally and seem fine otherwise?

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  5. Shad0wguy Initiate Member

    She seems to be trying to eat, but has difficulty due to not being able to swim properly to get to the food.
  6. celizabethh3 Member Member

    Do you think it's possible that she's constipated? You could try fasting her and then giving her a pea to see if that helps. I hope somebody a little more helpful than I am will comment on this thread and give you advice. I'm fairly new to fish keeping and don't know as much as some of the others on here.

    I have a female betta who has swim bladder and I didn't know until I added her to my 10 gallon and she started swimming sideways. She would try to dive bomb to the bottom of the tank but would immediate float back to the surface. Eventually she just wedged herself between anything she could and would stay like that. I had to move her to a smaller tank because she looked miserable. Of course she was mad when I took her out of the big tank though. ;) I tried the pea method as well but it made no difference because she wasn't constipated. She's almost two now and is a happy betta.

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  7. Shad0wguy Initiate Member

    I separated her from the rest of the fish using one of those breeding cages and gave her some deshelled peas. For most of the time she was just laying on the bottom of the net, but she would move around if you jostled the cage. Then, as of this morning she was floating upright and moving around on her own. She still spirals a bit when she dashes very quickly, but she looks to be getting better! I appreciate all of your feedback and help. It looks like she will survive!

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  8. celizabethh3 Member Member

    I'm glad to hear. :) I hope she continues to improve.

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