Zebra Danio HELP!

  1. Adz Member Member

    i've just done a 25% water change and put the cycle stuff in and now my water has gone cloudy. will my Zebra danio's handle this? is this normal?
  2. Craig Well Known Member Member

    it'll do that it will soon clear dont worry about it

  3. Adz Member Member

    Thanks Craig!

    I lost a fish tonite :'( it got stuck in my filter while i was at work. i'm gonna buy some more tomorrow anyway.

    do you know if silver dollars are good tank mates with Zebra Danios?
  4. Craig Well Known Member Member

    it says on the fish profiles page that the silver dollars r generally peaceful fish check it out urself man click on fish profiles on the homepage thats where i check all the fish b4 i would get them it helps im not a great expert yet lol but i do alot of research so im gettin there

  5. Adz Member Member

    I've got some friends that have got two silver dollars and the attacked anything that went in the tank but it says on the fish profiles that they are peacefull and are herbivores, but they eat frozen blood worm and other fish and snails.
  6. Craig Well Known Member Member

    maybe they just had 2 crazy 1s im not sure 2 b honest with u i just go by the fish profiles try and ask mike hes the expert
  7. Adz Member Member

    yeah, they were crazy. i'm just going by the profiles too.

    thanks anyway! hopefully i'l have some better news for you l8r on :)

  8. Craig Well Known Member Member

    no problemo