Zebra Danio has Scoliosis??? I've never heard of this


Hello all -
So I've had three zebra danios in a community tank for about 6 months now. The water quality is great and all the other fish are thriving. Of the three danios one is thick and healthy, one seems really skinny but is still eating well but the third has developed a severe swerve in his back. From his head, it goes straight back, curves down then straightens back out. Its like his tail is lower than his head. Very weird. And since then, he has stopped eating almost totally and once he got stuck on the filter and I had to push him off. I'm preparing for the worst but have any of you veterans heard of something like this? Thanks!


Saddly, many farm bred fish have genetic problems.
As well, these fish have very short life spans, usually about 2 years.
If you bought it at adult size, it was already 4-5 months old, add the 6 months you have had it, and it is already lived as long as it would in the wild.

Sorry to be such a downer.


Danios will get spinal curve when they're in old age. The one that's skinny you can check: to try to match his symptoms to a disease and med for treatment. If you have small hospital/quarantine tanks for the 2 danios having trouble, i'd isolate them to treat the skinny one, give the older one less current to deal with and to protect the other fish.
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Thanks for the quick responses. I feel bad for the spinal curve guy, but it makes me feel better if it is just old age rather than some sickness. The skinny one steals eats well, so hopefully he'll be ok. I don't have a hospital tank so can't set that up. Thanks again

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