YUCK. By far the nastiest tank I've ever cleaned..

  1. Crissandra331

    Crissandra331 Valued Member Member

    So my friend has a 14 gallon that has held 4 comet goldfish for the last year with an UGF. ( Sadly a gift for her then 5 year old, evil present huh) and she finally re-homed them today :)

    So I cleaned out the tank AND I'VE NEVER seen a tank SO NASTY! But I've never had goldfish & I've never been over-stocked to that extreme either. Pulled the sunken ship out, mound of poo. Pulled the UGF grade out, the waste was like webbed in thick sheets clinging to the bottom. It was a 'wish i would have brought my camera moment' in a bad way! Poop looked like regurgitated schooling fish. I couldn't even suck it up with the vacuum.

    So proud of Wes for being a big boy and giving up his sponge bob's

    Let's just say at the end of today, I think everyone feels better :)
  2. Tonia

    Tonia Well Known Member Member

    Wow.. I'm sl glad they gave up those poor fish and I hope that they are in a much better home now.
  3. s

    smee82 Fishlore VIP Member

    UGF are disgusting but on a positive note all that mulm, poo and gunk from under the grate makes great fertilizer.
  4. OP

    Crissandra331 Valued Member Member

    Yeah it was really weird going there this morning to feed the animals and the fish are just gone! She originally received them in a 1 gallon bowl. I don't know what her Aunt was thinking, she even has a POND so she had to been aware that giving a 5 year old pond fish in a small container like that was not gonna work out?

    As I was cleaning it I just kept thinking of the Monster Inside Me episode where that girl got that crazy parasite from chasing her platys around in the tank and she had a cut on her hand... AHH so if you don't see any posts from me that's probably what happened ;)
    It will be year like 3043 and people will still be putting goldfish in tiny bowls except in the future they'll probably levitate. :;ufo

    A girl can only hope that some day we all will be educated enough hobbyist or not to break out of very common misconceptions of fish care.
  5. t

    temptresstoo New Member Member

    It humors me when we baby our tanks, monitoring this or that, stocking the right sizes...and some wahoo that knows nothing about fish, never changes water, or cleans tanks...and has the most indestructible few fish you'll ever see (if, of course, you can see them through the algae on the glass). ;)