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I'm always trying to find more efficient ways of doing my water changes. Mainly with just replacing the water, not vacuuming or cleaning anything else. Whether that means less mess, quicker, and/or less stress (both for me and fish). I find the smaller tanks are pretty easy and anyway you do it takes little time at all. However the bigger tank is further away from the sink and obviously requires more water.

I use a 2.5G bucket for my 29G and find the right temp from my sink, leave the water running, and keeping filling and dumping. Luckily with the extra room and larger fish in my big tank the water disturbance doesn't bother them. I try to pour it in as slowly and peacefully as possible. Plus, for some reason the angels love the bubbles the new water makes. I usually do about 3-4 buckets so this takes some time. I am confident I could lift a heavier bucket but would be afraid pouring that into the tank would be too much for the little guys.
For my 10G (since it's in the kitchen) I was planning on getting a small hose hookup for my sink, before pulling a "doh" moment, and realizing I can't attach a control valve, let alone anything to the sink head. However, out of my curiousity, I got lucky and found out the plastic tube for my small gravel vac head fit perfectly over the faucet. Now this was messy the first time I did it because I didn't plan things right with the water pressure and holding the tube. Now I let the water run to a perfect temp, put the end of the small tubing of my gravel vac into the small tank and clip it there (facing at an angle so it doesn't shoot to the bottom and mess up the gravel and scare everything), then carefully and quickly place the larger tubing (suction part) of the gravel head over the faucet. I know, sounds nuts, but works as long as the water pressure isn't too crazy. Plus I have an extra hand open for anything. This takes a moderate amount of time, but with the setup in the tank I don't disturb anything that much. I tried filling the 2.5G bucket and attempted using both my gravel vacs to suck water out of the bucket and into the tank but with the placement of the tank I could not get the bucket elevated enough to keep suction going.

What are your setups like and how fast does it typically take you for your tanks? Does anyone else use buckets or containers? Anyone have a hose setup, or better yet, separate piping just for tanks? I saw this crazy video of this company over seas that had these huge discus tanks that would flood the water out and replace it in under 10 minutes. I don't know if this would be more stessful or not, but has to cost a ton just in water alone. I would like to find a better way for my 10G. I just don't like dumping buckets cause it seems it would cause more stress. Any words of wisdom?
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I use a pump to drain the tank and a python to refill with, so I can drain one tank while filling another. I don't use the vacuum part, but it's there to show that it can be incorporated into such a setup.

I can change 80% in each tank in about 2 hours.
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I use a pond pump connected to my aqueon water changer to drain the big tanks (a 100, a 55, a 46 and two 40s). While they are draining I do the two small tanks (a 10 and a 5) with a bucket and siphon. If the big tanks need it I will hit them with the siphon too to vacuum. Then I take the hose off the pump and refill all of them. I can do all 7 in about 2.5 hours, 50% on each.

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I use buckets for both my 10 gallon and 29 gallon. When helping my relatives, I use buckets on the 20 gallon but will use a python running outside for the 75 and 125 gallons.
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I use a 5 gallon bucket to vac and drain all 4 of my tanks. I have a 38, 34, 20 and a 5. I do 50% each week on all 4.
To refill I get the faucet going to the correct temp for the tank I'm working on, add 2.5 ml water conditioner to the bucket and fill it using a 1 gal milk jug with a stick on thermometer to double check the temp. Dumping the water on top of the conditioner assures me it's mixed well.
Then I use a large bowl to scoop the water from the bucket to the tank. In the big tanks I have strategically placed flat rocks to pour the water on. The fish all love to play in the current and bubbles as I add the water.
I did use a Python wc system for a short while, it was definitely faster and easier, but I didn't like the idea of dumping the conditioner into the tank then adding up to 20 gallons of untreated water.

I know this doesn't help you at all, LOL,but it's my method.
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We use a python to drain and refill. It takes us about an hour starting with readings ending with Prime and water for 4 tanks.
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Of all the stuff I research I don't know how I missed these python pumps! Do they work as easily as they look? Time to put my tax return to good use.

If I keep increasing in tanks every year I may have to get a motorized pump and have a setup like you Ken. Love that room in your photos. If I had 3 tanks in the same room the fiance would kill me.
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Yes, they are very easy to use
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I'd be a very unhappy fishkeeper without my python and definitely would not have 4 tanks.

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