Your thoughts on this heater Question

  1. Reefdweller

    Reefdweller Valued Member Member

    Hey everyone. I just wanted to get your thoughts on the Hydor ETH 300 In-Line Heater 300W heaters? I purchased one for my tank at a LFS and it was around $70 I believe. I had never seen one before or seen them since. It seems to work well although it makes me a little nervous being if one of the lines popped off and water goes gushing every where. I guess it being just a slide on type hose fitting makes me a little cautious.

    Anyone use this product and if so whats your thoughts?

  2. Dlondon95

    Dlondon95 Well Known Member Member

    I don't have personal experience with them, but I have seen great reviews on them. The only problem I see with them is the price. I wouldn't pay anything over $40 for a heater.

    QQQUUUUAADDD Well Known Member Member

    +1 Dlondon

    Before I was searching for a heater. This seemed like a pretty good candidate. Good reviews and all. I decided to go with a Jager heater. The Hydors are a little on the expensive side....