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These days many of the fish stores are over stocking fish in there tanks in order to minimize costs and maximize profits. Would you prefer to buy from a store that had higher prices but didn't over stock there tanks, for example only 1 goldfish every 20 gallons compared to the normal 5-6/10 gallon. Poll yes or no.
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I voted no. A fish store like that wouldn't be in business very long. Why? Because they HAVE to order a minimum quantity from the supplier or else they can't place their order. And the start-up cost alone in order to have the tanks necessary to handle the minimum stocking that they'd be handling would be ridiculous. Such a pet store just isn't plausible.

What I would rather see would be a pet store where the staff is actually educated on the fish they carry. They need to know the REAL basic care requirements of all the species in their tanks and be willing to say no to a customer that wants something that won't work in the tank they have, then be able to steer that customer to something more suitable.

I don't mind the "cramped" quarters that fish store fish are kept in because most of the time their turnover rate is relatively high, so the fish aren't in the small tanks for very long. However, I do take exception to them selling people goldfish and telling them they'll be okay in 10gal tanks and selling common plecos for 5gal tanks.
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Would I rather? Of course.

Is it feasible for them to do that? No.
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As has been said, that would be awesome if it were possible, but the short time spent in those tanks isn't too bad for them. If the pet stores would focus more on ensuring they got proper care once in their home, that would be best... So I guess pretty much what Bassbonediva said ^_^
Wendy Lubianetsky
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og3I actually go somewhere where I do pay a higher price, but in the long run the stock is healthier and better taken care of. That equates to less losses at home in the aquarium. I think in the long run you end up saving money and grief from fish loss. I would pay more for a free range chicken too.
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Yes, no problem here as long as they look healthy
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I voted yes because a LFS is only a temporary stopping point before making their way into our tanks. We overstock fish into our QT tanks because it is a temporary situation, same as the LFS. When talking about stocking levels for a permanent home, then the rules should be adhered to very strictly. If this LFS had an overstocked show tank, then I would also think twice about purchasing as this is a sign that they do not

Instead of focusing on the fact that most stores overstock their tanks, I look at all the fish, even in other tanks as most stores use a central filtration system. If I see any signs of disease or if I seen any dead fish or inverts in the tanks, then I will walk away.
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I really don't mind from the locals as at mine they know how to care for their fish. Yes they are over stocked but they are also not stocked that way for the long term.

Would I love to walk into the store and see nothing but show tanks, Yeah it would be great but it just isn't a financially smart move.
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We have one LFS that I know that has been open for 20 yrs and they are on the high end but they also well tell not to buy a fish if you don't have the right set up or u are gonna put species that do not coexist together. In July I will be getting a pair of GBR to go in my 10(just until my 30 is better established so by September I should be able to moved them) I have done tons of research and I am willing to do the work to help them stay healthly and happy even if it means doing 25% water changes every day my 10 gallon is my longest running tank and is very stable yet to have a crash or off readings. So I am willing to pay more if it means I am getting a healthier fish.

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