Your Dreaming of your pefect tank............

Here the thing, Ive been sitting here board and strated to day dream.........

Money is no object or space nether is eqptment or skill of keeping fish and the fish all get along like 1 big happy family!!

My perfect tank would be a 100 gallon with these stuff..........

Plants: sea anneamye, hard puprle coral, a bit of sea weed and a live rock with a cave

Cleaners: 2 Hermit crabs, 2 glass shrimps and 1 choc chip starfish and 1 of those really big catfish

Fish: 3 eletric yellow, 2 dwarf gormaus, 1 red tail shark, 4 stripped dottyback, 5 flame angel fish, 1 tiger osca, 2 clown fish, 2 angelfish and 3 blue tang
You'd like to keep corals with freshwater fish? I'm afraid that would be impossible, lol

As for my dream tank ... some 200 gallon tank, extremely planted (looking like an underwater wilderness or a jungle), with giant shoals of small schooling/shoaling species. It would look truly spectacular! And maybe few larger fish to make the tank look more interesting.

Also, some 125 gallon, planted, species tank for rainbows only, housing various Melanotaenias (Bosemani, Praecox, Australian, Turquoise, and AxelrodI rainbows) and other rainbows such as Threadfin and Celebes rainbows
Well, if we could mix them like you said... I'd get a MASSIVE tank with a Hawaiian Dragon Eel, some Chromis, some Anthias, and a ton of corals!

The eel is probably just for shock value. (anyone who's seen a healthy one in real life would understand)
When I'm older, I'd really like to get a bigger tank with maybe some angels, and some small scholing fish. I've raly liked angels, and they are always at my lfs, but nobody buys them. I'd love to give them homes.

I would have a whole wall of my living room in a tank and have it heavily planted like a little jungle but have the tank not too deep. The size would be about 250 gallons. Then if we are pretending that all the fish are going to get along no matter what, I would shoot the moon and have about 15 male Bettas - all show quality of various species and colors. [Super Deltas, Double Tails, Half Moons, Crowntails, Veiltails - I love them all] Then I would have a dozen or so Otocinclus catfish. The plants would be in all colors and shapes and sizes and there would be caves and wood and all the things these little fish love and some tall plants for my little Betta Buddies to sleep in at night. Then of course there will have to be an Albino [Ivory] Mystery Snail. I realize the only basic change is the size of the tank and the dream of the little bettas being able to be together and getting along.... but what a dream!

Well, I would have to go for two tanks. One freshwater, containing oh... a bunch of cories, and I agree that it would be awesome if bettas could be kept together. Although I would probably rescue every pet store betta I encountered, rather than buying show quality bettas. Umm, I suppose I would get a couple of loaches, too. And I would decorate it like Atlantis. And some freshwater "sharks"
The other would be saltwater, a reef tank. I would have to put a maroon and yellow clownfish in there; seahorses would be cool too, and maybe a couple of marine hermit crabs. And some of those little purple and yellow fish. And I don't know what all.
Mmmmmmm... Day dreaming is fun...
I often dream of my perfect tank...
Angels, and bettas working as one (lol)... WAIT! SNAP OUT OF IT! That has to be a dream!
I'd get some massive tank and in it would be...ahhhhh, I can't decide!!! ;D

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