Your Dream Vacation Spot.

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For me living in the Caribbean,I already have the beaches,palm-trees and sunny skies..but I'd say Tahiti,because every picture I've ever seen of the place looks so inviting!..I'd probably avoid the palm-tree that Kieth Richards fell out of!
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While I do like tropical islands, blue waters, sun, etc ...for some reason I've always loved better mountains, lakes, and forests as well as cooler climates. I suppose that's because where I live the weather is very humid and really terrible, so that's why I prefer dry and cooler climates. I'd love to go to Europe to see the Alps, particularly the Swiss portion I'd also love to visit Ireland or Scotland - they're so green and I LOVE green I don't really like places that are hot all year round, nor places that are humid.
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Well, Isabella, this year the Rockies are HOT and HUMID so this would not be the year to visit them. My family that live at the very base of the mountains in Boulder, CO. have been complaining of temperatures of over 100 for days now and most homes out there are not air conditioned as no one imagined that this kind of weather would ever happen to them.

My dream vacation is now and has always been to return to my hometown in Massachusetts (right on the ocean) and spend the whole summer. I love it there and further to the north in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.

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Besides Ireland, Scotland, and Switzerland, I'd also love to visit Alaska, Australia, Italy, Greece, and Egypt Oh, and I'd like to go to the North Pole !!! LOL
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I've always wanted to visit old Germany, where my father's ancestors are from. Until I saw the movie "Hostel"......... Now I'm not so sure.
I'd also like to visit Ireland, where some of my mom's family came from, and maybe try to kiss the Blarny stone. Also Australia.... just because.

(Being of German/Irish/Native American descent, you'd think I'd have the worst temper ever, wouldn't you? But I'm very nice, unless you get me going...... ;D )

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I love Fishing trips to Canada. I took a cruise in the Caribbean that was awesome, especially Grand Cayman. I would like to go to the Colorado Rockies, Oregon, Ireland, & Alaska. I'd also like to go to any city with a good baseball park. Tiger Stadium, Comerica Park, & Wrilgey Field are awesome, and I want to go to Fenway Park. Also, New York City was fun, everyone should make it there sometime in their life.
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Czarben ... NYC is a nice city to every visitor, lol. Believe me: you'd get tired of it! I know you disbelieve what I say, but it would be so. I know it!
Joe G
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Would love to visit Australia one day. have a great uncle and cousins their. But is a very long trip from from Canada.
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I also have cousins in Australia! (Sidney)
Joe G
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Not sure where my cousin lives, I should email him and find out.
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I would have to calculate the cicumference of the earth and divide it by two ...that way I could go east or west by that distance and it would not matter cause either way I'd be as far from the office as possible
Miss Mouse
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After doing quite a lot of country hopping and living on 3 different continents I must say my favourite place to holiday is South Africa, in this little game reserve called Dikhololo in the Gauteng Province. Dikhololo looks like your average holiday resort - its not that posh or upmarket but there's something about it that's got me hooked. It's in a pretty dry area and can get disgustingly hot in summer but when it's the rainy season it is *just spectacular*. All the green shoots come up from the ground and the animals all have their babies; they spring around and they just look happy to be alive. The bushveld also just smells amazing when it rains!
I have been visiting Dikhololo since I was 8 weeks old and my grandfather used to work there before it was a commercial holiday resort so it holds a place in the heart of all my family. It is just crawling with wildlife; all sorts of antelope,dassies (or rock hyrax), squirrels, bushbabies and birds such as eagles, spoonbills and hamerkops. It also hosts a variety of lizards, insects and they have some big cat fish and turtles in the lake too. When I go there I always look for the "daddy Giraffe".. he's their oldest giraffe in the park. He was born in 1984 - same as me ;D

I was also fortunate enough to visit Canada last year - Vancouver, British Columbia.We drove up to Whistler and also across to Vancover Island and stayed at Tofino. I cannot express how amazed I was at the scenery. At every turn in the road I was just like "WOW Look at that". Everything and I mean *everything* amazed me. It is just indiscribable how beautiful that place is! The trees are HUGE and green and the mountains are lush and forested, the beach was really pretty, the rivers look so fresh you could just drink straight out of them...amazing is really an understatment! hehe

I've got family in Australia so it would be rude not to visit them at some point but I want to save up a few thousand £'s and go for a few months and drive up the east coast.. it would be a waste to go such a long way just for a few weeks!
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Miss Mouse, sounds like this place in Africa really is amazing - wish I could see it someday

As for Canada ... I totally forgot to mention that I'd LOVE to visit this country! I also want to see British Columbia AND Alberta - from the pictures that I've seen, it seems these two provinces are so beautiful. And I know the whole country altogether is really beautiful, even though I haven't even been there yet. I think the next trip I'll make will be Canada

In fact, I am considering moving out of NY (where I live), and one of the options is Canada - but I'd have to visit it first, of course. Other options are Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, and maybe Michigan.

P.S. I think Canada is not only one of the "dream vacation spots," but it's also one of "dream places to live"! I am very glad it's right next to the U.S., lol because if I ever decided to move there, it wouldn't be that terribly far. I'd be able to visit my closest family in New York quite often.
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I want to go to Vietnam to see where my wifes family is from and the culture there.
Miss Mouse
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Isabella - living in Canada is a dream of mine too! Everyone was so friendly and helpful and I never felt threatened (except when mummy bear was looking after her baby) - everything was clean and the people (including youths!!) seemed to have respect - to me a very important personal trait! My parents have put in an application to move to Fredricton in New Brunswick but I am too in love with my boyfriend to leave England for now. My plan is to wait for my parents to go and then we'll visit and hopefully he'll see how wonderful it is! I feel sorry for him because his *whole* family live within 6 miles of each other and always have so to him moving across the world is totally alien! He loves travelling but I think his roots here are too strong at the moment... wish me luck persuading him ;D
Tumbleweed - my father travelled around Vietnam a few years ago and fell in love with the place. He said the people all smile there despite living rather hard lives.I think he was also overwhelmed at the idea of having a pet water buffalo hehehe

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