Your Best LFS Story!

Discussion in 'Funny Stuff' started by FreshAquariums, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. FreshAquariums

    FreshAquariumsValued MemberMember

    Your Best LFS Story!
    Comment your favorite LFS (Local Fish Store) Story! It could be funny, sad. anything!

    My Favorite or most Dramatic??? LFS story was when I went to Petco and I was looking at ghost shrimp for the first time, I overheard a older lady talking to an employee, all is usual. a few seconds later I here the words "Fish" and "Fridge" in this conversation:
    Old Hag: Can I have a return please?
    Employee: Yes you may, may I ask on what?
    Old Hag: Well you see I need to return this fish *holds up dead fish in bag*
    Employee: oh my what happened to him?? ???
    Old Hag: I put him in the fridge
    Me in my head: What is wrong with you...

    So that's my story kind of funny weird and sad really lol but its funny to me how that lady actually got a return, and another fish in which she probably returned AGAIN for the same reason -(>.<)- why world
    p.s. I never got the shrimp. I just left. cant blame me can u after hearing that :p
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  2. PrinceOfPride

    PrinceOfPrideNew MemberMember

    Oh my god, why did she put him in the fridge. I don't understand some people. -_-

    Edit: So, random story from when I was shopping at Petco.

    Me: Do you have any snails for sale?

    Petco Employee: No, what kind of snails are you looking for?

    Me: Nerite snails

    Employee: *blank stare*

    Me: They're really small, aquatic snails...they come in different colors...

    Employee: You mean the ones that overrun your tank?

    Me: ...these snails don't reproduce in freshwater...
    Employee: Sometimes they come with plants we sell.

    Me: Okay....
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  3. Ben9375New MemberMember

    This happened last night. I was buying some neon swordtails at one of the LFS. I said to the guy, "I want 4, one male, three females."

    "OK, no problem"

    He open the lid of the swordtails, sticks the net in and a sword jumps out of the tank and lands in the tank next to it, which had no lid and was full of red wag platys. He kind of looked around and was like "What was that?" and went back to trying to net a big, fat female.
  4. SabrinaBrook

    SabrinaBrookWell Known MemberMember

    I was at my lfs once, i was still fairly new to fish keeping mind you. I asked the woman for some guppies, say about 5 both male and female any ones would do. I stood there and watch her net them, i was thinking hmm some of them don't look like guppies to me but i wasn't to sure. So i left the store and took the fish home. After a few days i noticed 2 of the fish looked nothing like my other guppies they were slightly a different shape. So i separated them and rang the lfs about it. I took them back only to be told they were mollies lol And you know what? Ive never seen the woman that sold them to me working there again after that!
  5. chromedome52

    chromedome52Fishlore VIPMember

    It is probably that the fish was put in the refrigerator after it died, to preserve it until she could get to the store. That is what I would assume from hearing that. Still sounded funny, though.
  6. Lucy

    LucyModeratorModerator Member

    Thread has been edited
    Let's not make this into a chain store bashing thread.
  7. PrinceOfPride

    PrinceOfPrideNew MemberMember

    Woops, my bad. Wasn't trying to attack the entire chain in general. Just recounting a story about one particular bad one in my town. Probably shouldn't have mentioned names. :(
  8. Lucy

    LucyModeratorModerator Member

    No problem!
    This type of thread can be very amusing but with names it can get ugly.

    My most recent exchange with a clerk.

    There is a sign by the tanks saying 'We have snails. Please Ask'

    Me: Do you have any assassin snails?
    Clerk: (looking for confused and befuddled) Uhhh. A what? No. We don't have assassins here.

    The look she gave me was priceless!
    They really didn't know there was such a thing.

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