Young EBJD Care Questions

  1. MottMan84

    MottMan84 New Member Member

    We're novice fish owners with a simple 10 gallon tank. We've got a couple Tiger Barbs, two Glow fish, a sucker fish and one 2" Goldfish. Today we brought home a 1" EBJD who is stunning, and I am concerned about caring for him.

    How long can he safely remain in this small tank? He has claimed cover in a log and seems fine, but I know at some point he'll need much more room - but when? Since these fish grow very slowly it seems like he might be fine in there for several months or a year provided his behavior seems fine, is that right?

    Also, is it important that we feed him a varied diet at this young age or can he take commercial flaked food for a while?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated, we want this fella to have a long happy life!

    P.S. Yes I decorated the tank with Star Wars toys :)


  2. jetajockey

    jetajockey Fishlore VIP Member

    He'll probably be ok for a month or two, but they grow really fast in the first year or so. It'll be hard to keep water quality up in a tank that size, so upgrading should be the plan for the near future. He'll also likely eat most of those other fish as he gets bigger, I could never keep mine with any smaller fish.

    This strain is also very susceptible to internal parasites and columnaris, so keep a close eye on him and treat as soon as you see any symptoms.