Young Convict parents behavior


Ok, they spawned. They are a very young pair I think. The female is almost 2 inches long and the male about 2 and a half inches long. I think I saw the male eat one fry. The female is constantly guarding the fry and chasing him off. Just noticed the fry free swimming today. I have a couple of questions that someone may be able to help with.
1) When they mature more will they maybe both raise the fry or am I doomed to this daddy being non-parental? Or just have to wait and see.......
2) If he starts picking off too many fry, should I take a turkey baster and suck up the fry and transfer to a fry "netted breeder" box that hangs on the side of the tank? I wasn't sure if the act of caring was needed by the mother and/or the young or if they were just fish and would deal with it.......


Just wait and see. You can, but unless he eats them all, you probably don't want to. The fry will do fine alone as long as you care for them. Feeding, clean water, etc.
They breed redidly and often so I wouldn't be too concerned about much with the first batch. Might want to start investing in new tanks now as they are worse than livebearers and you can't sell them for anything.

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