Young Betta Tail Type?

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  1. AJ34

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    Hey everyone! What type of tail does this look like? All of my baby bettas thus far have been veiltails but I think he is def different tail wise!

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  2. Iverg1

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  3. Demeter

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    Could be a comb tail or half sun. Definitely not a plakat, the dorsal and anal are already too long for one plus it is a young fish and I bet the fins will grow even longer.

    I would guess it is part crowntail and part viel, meaning you end up with a mix of both traits. I say this mainly because of the length of the dorsal and anal, where VT has the longest and thinnest of all fin types.
  4. Alston

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    can be a crown as well
  5. Mcasella

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    Combtail, most likely going to end up being a delta, it is not a halfsun.