You'd think they hadn't been fed in week's Funny

Discussion in 'Funny Stuff' started by ryanr, Apr 14, 2010.

  1. ryanr

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    OMG, aside from the small issues I'm having with my tank atm, things are on the improve.

    Anyway, here's my story....

    I get in from work, and am about to start my usual headcount, when I notice all 7 of my glowlights, in a tight school staring up at me. 1 - They don't normally school as a group, normally one group of 4, and 3 in the other, 2 - they've never greeted me like that.

    They were literally begging for dinner!

    I guess something in the tank/water has got better ???

    I felt soooo bad, like I had neglected them, but they get dinner everyday, so I knew I hadn't neglected them.

    So I thought I'd treat them, normally they get frozen brine shrimp on Sunday's, but hey, a little bit mid week as a treat for being cute :;gift [everybody now.... nnnaaaawwwww]

    So as i lift the cover glass, I reckon 3 of the 7 literally jumped out of the water in anticipation.

    Then, it might as well have been meat in a shark pool, it was a frenzy :;jaws

    Anyway, it brought a huge smile to face, so thought I'd share with everyone.

    Still giggling about it :;laughing

    Fish can be boring at times, but when they're feeling happy, they are downright entertaining! I love them, can't wait to get them some more tank mates.
  2. Rhan

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    That is cute! :)

    It's a nice feeling to see that they are quite aware that you've been gone, and are happy you are back (even though it means food for them, but thats not the point!) My platy fry are little beggers, they follow you in their little group pushing and shoving while waiting to get fed.

    My boyfriend has glowlight tetras, and they could eat and eat and eat, I swear, they are ENORMOUS! I never thought tetras could eat so much until I saw his :)
  3. Aquarist

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    Yeah!!!!! :) Good morning Ryanr

    I'm glad to hear that everyone is doing well. It's so nice to be greeted by our finned friends. I don't even mind being splashed every morning from head to toe.

    The water makes my hair frizz so it looks like I have more hair! LOL

    Have fun and enjoy your tank and fish.

  4. bolivianbaby

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    It's wonderful to hear that you've been introduced to another awesome aspect of fishkeeping! Kinda makes you wonder how some people can't get into fish, doesn't it?:)