Yo Yo Loaches In 20 Gallon Long


Hello is was just wondering if I could add yoyo loaches into a 20 gallon long. I will cycle it for 4 weeks (with neons) before adding. Some sights say I can, some say I can't. At this point I am unsure. If they stay 3 to 4 inches like some places suggest then I see no problem. I hear they are very similiar to cories in behavior and size and some people put cories in a 10. I would do 3 to 5 depending on what y'all think. I lile the way there body shape is and their activity level. If I can't do them than how do Otto compare to yoyos?


Well, I personally wouldn't keep yoyos in a 20g. They rather largish active fish and do better in tanks that's 55 gallon or larger IMO. The hail from areas with high water flow, and need space to zip around in. Maybe look into dwarf chain loaches or zebras?

Well, otos aren't really as active as yoyos but they make good additions to the right setup!

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