Yo Is This Okay?

  1. AidanG20G Initiate Member

    so I have a loach and it is lying upside down at the top and it has a red hole on its stomach. It’s alive and it’s doing it on purpose. What should I do?

    Here is a photo

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  2. cadd Well Known Member Member

    I'm pretty sure it's not doing that on purpose.
  3. AidanG20G Initiate Member

    Nope. If I tap on the glass it will go to the bottom swim around and then come up again and reposition itself like that.
  4. Triston Wasmund Member Member

    Well it is obviously very ill, and it needs medical attention.. do you have a quarantine tank?
  5. AidanG20G Initiate Member

    Nope. Am I screwed?

    Poor kid looks sick. Should I put em out of his misery and remove him and flush him?

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  6. Triston Wasmund Member Member

    uuuhhh, no.. I believe it is an issue with his swimbladder, causing him to float... How long has he been in the tank? What are your water parameters?
  7. AidanG20G Initiate Member

    Ahh... idk really.. I’m just a casual fish keeper so I don’t teally have this stuff.

    He’s been in for a week.
  8. Triston Wasmund Member Member

    DO NOT FLUSH HIM DOWN THE TOILET!! We need to wait and see if we can come to a resolution.. If you ever had to euthanize a fish you would do it the most humane way possible, but this might be fixable, just wait till some more people come by
  9. AidanG20G Initiate Member

    Should I put him in a container w/ water from the tank for now?
  10. Triston Wasmund Member Member

    I heard you can try an Epsom salt bath or something by removing him and putting him into another container, try and look it up to see what it is... I think he has a swimbladder problem though

    Yeah I would go ahead and do so, but make sure it is a big enough container

    @junebug I saw you had answered a forum on swimbladder and was wondering if you could help

    What do you feed him, and what is your tank temperature, and also what other fish and stuff do you have in the tank
  11. AidanG20G Initiate Member

    Got him in a tiny container with aquarium water. What now?

    Here he is. He’s alive btw

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  12. AntsRule Member Member

    Don't let the water get cold. I would rest the container in the tank.
  13. AidanG20G Initiate Member

    Food: Aqueon Tropical Flakes
    Temperature: 84 F
    Other Fish: 2 guppies 4 red platys a bunch of snails 2 Cory catfish and another loach
  14. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    84 F is much too high for your fish. I would lower it to 74 F at least. You have stocking issues if you'd like to discuss them, but we can help you sort that out after we address your fish issues.

    What is the size of the tank? How often do you do water changes, and how much do you change at a time?

    Even casual fish keepers should have a testing kit (liquid is better than strips). Knowing water parameters is essential to keeping your fish healthy and happy. Can you take a sample of water to your fish store for them to test it for you?

    Please, never flush fish (alive or dead) down the toilet. Euthanize humanely, and then throw fish in the trash or bury them outside.
  15. cadd Well Known Member Member

    Just curious who instructed you to set the tank at 84.

    I would slowly drop it 1 degree per hour down to 75 - 76.
  16. AidanG20G Initiate Member

    Sorry y’all. He stopped breathing so we flushed em down. He was twitching but we couldn’t put him through all of this. Sorry everyone.
  17. AntsRule Member Member

  18. AidanG20G Initiate Member

    Dropped temp
  19. cadd Well Known Member Member

    To what?
  20. AidanG20G Initiate Member

    Idk the thermometer needs to update. Question: if you have any spare fish to breed I’ll gladly take fry or eggs if you are willing.
  21. TexasDomer Fishlore Legend Member

    Please don't flush any fish down the toilet in the future, alive or dead.

    I wouldn't add any more fish to you tank until you figure out what's going on in it - it sounds like you have stocking and potentially water quality issues.