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So long story short, my Sparkling GouramI unexpectedly spawned a week after I added them to my new tank, I had to return them to the LFS due to the subsequent aggression towards my other fish (Harlequin Rasbora), the fry then disappeared as soon as they became free swimming and I assumed they were eaten by the Rasbora (disappointing but I really wasn't set up/prepared for fry).

Fast forward a month and I've just seen 2-3 fry hiding in the planted area at the back of my tank! I almost fell over with surprise. I haven't been feeding them because I didn't know they were there, and I feed the Rasbora on the opposite side of the tank, so I guess they have been surviving on whatever microorganisms are naturally occurring in the water?

I just tried dropping in some frozen baby brine shrimp right over the fry but they made no visible effort to eat it. What do I do? I assume they are getting big enough that they will need to be fed soon, do they need to be 'trained' somehow to eat frozen BBS? Should I try to hatch some BBS so I can give them live food?

Would love for them to survive after all this, I was gutted to return the parents (would have preferred to return the Rasbora but it was a bit of an emergency situation and I couldn't catch them in the short amount of time I had).

Hard to get a clear photo, but it is above the shrimp:


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