Yet another fin rot problem!


Ok, so there are a few of these going around right now, but I've got another one! Samson's fin rot is back, and I'm really trying to figure out what's causing this. His water quality is good. I tested it and all the levels are down at 0 where they should be, and I do weekly 25 -30% water changes, so I'm not sure if its water. But could this be from stress? Last time I treated him with Maraycn-2 and it stopped getting worse and started to get a bit better, now its back and I'm wondering if I should use the same med or try something else. How long should he take to get better and start regrowing his poor fins?


Finrot is usually caused by stress, either from water quality or from some other stressor. If the meds you used before worked, then stick with them. It is also a good idea to use a vitamin just to keep the immune system up. It can take weeks to months to notice regrowth. As long as the rot isn't progressing he should be ok.


- vitachem is a great product for giving your fish vitamins. I'd also say go with what's worked for him. Hopefully within 1 course of meds you'll see the rot stopped and regrowth soon after.. the time table varies so it could be days or a couple weeks from now until you see the regrowth. Best of luck to Samson & you.


We, my 6 bettas and I, are rooting for you. My boys have the same problem, so I know how you feel. Good luck treating it.


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