Yesterday I found glow light tetra fry in my tank!

  1. llgarfield90

    llgarfield90 New Member Member

    It is so crazy to me that all my fish are making babies on their own. First the live bearing fish, now tetras. I have 8 brand new fry and what I think is an egg in the breeder net. I put marbles down to help protect any more eggs that are laid. My question is when should I expect her to drop eggs again? I found the fry yesterday so I'm not sure how long ago the eggs were dropped. Is it likely that more will come? And also, my two glow light tetras look exactly the same to me, and neither look pregnant. How can I tell which one is the female?[​IMG]
  2. Coradee

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    Congrats on the fry, hope they do well for you :)
  3. OP

    llgarfield90 New Member Member

    Thank you!