yes i realize i ask alot of questions


Emm again.... sorry to bother the experts again
But I got my tank from the local pet store ((petsmart I think?)) because they had a sale on ten gallon tanks that came with a filter and heater and food and stuff to de-chlorinate the water. ((I checked out the filter and heater online first, and they are pretty reliable.)) But the package also came with this stuff.... its just called "cycle." I asked Fish Store Joe what it was, and he just said put it in the tank when you get the fish. So I did. ((and yes, I realize not the smartest thing to do but it seemed like a good idea at the time.)) And now that I'm wondering about the nitrogen cycle.... does anyone know what "cycle" is???


cycle is a product that basically has the "good bacteria" in it and basically cycles your tank I am not personally experienced on it so wouldn't advise you on using it or not a lot of people use bio-spira which is the same thing some say cycle is good others say it isn't so sorry can;t help with that one :-\


Bio-spira is the only cycling product I know of that works as it is live bacteria that is kept in cool conditions and sent to you packed in ice to keep the bacteria from dying. I have used Bio-Spira several times, it was worth the expense and I did not lose any fish.


I've never used any commercial cycling products, but if you already have fish in your tank and it's not yet cycled, I suppose you can try it and see what happens. But you'll still need large daily water changes at ANY signs of ammonia and nitrite so that your fish don't get sick during the cycle, and from the cycle. If you haven't yet read the Beginner's Articles in the Freshwater Beginners section, please do.


As for your title- ask all the questions you want if one of us doesn't know the answer then we will find out.

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