yellowtail eaten

  1. shannon66 Initiate Member

    I have a yellow tang, blue/green chormis, 3 devil damsels,2 yellow tail damsels. they been together a while, and i came home from 2 days gone for work. And My gf told me that one of the yellow tail died. and all the fish were eating him. weird, my levels were fine. wonder what happened any ideas<
  2. ATP Well Known Member Member

    It's very likely that your other damsels might of killed it. F

    rom what I've observed when I put 3 blue devils and one yellowtail, the three blue would become a group and kill the yellow tail. Once they're done with the other damsel, The three blue will fight each other. The two largest one will be a group and fight the smallest. Once the smallest is done, the two will fight each other until one is left standing :)

  3. Stang Man Well Known Member Member

    so how long did you have this fish? 3 months? Tell me more about what happened?
  4. shannon66 Initiate Member

    They've been together for 4 months and they all seemed fine the 3 devils r the smaller of all the fish. But i wasn't home when it happened. So hard to tell what happened. They all seem to be fine now.

  5. ATP Well Known Member Member

    was there any agression before the death?
  6. shannon66 Initiate Member

  7. Stang Man Well Known Member Member

    This sometimes happens it may not of been aggresion it may have been from sickness. But damsels in an enclosed system do fight alot and have stress on each other till someone dies. I would say it was from aggressiveness that caused the problem. When you pulled fish out did the fish have a clean tail? Was the fish clean on the body?

  8. shannon66 Initiate Member

    there was no fish left they ate all but a few chunks.
  9. Stang Man Well Known Member Member

    Well that totally stinks. good luck with the next purchuse!!!