yellow tangs

i've been researching to start a75 gallon salt water tank and would like to have yellow tang. I would like to have a school of fish, maybe yellow tangs, but i've read that they can be aggressive with each other, and then other places say that you need just one or have three.
so I was wondering how many you should have in a tank together? and what other fish could you have in there with them? I would like to have atleast two clown fish.. would gobies work?
I was also wondering about having some kind of cleaning shrimp, but would that be too much with the gobies also in the tank?
thank ya'll so much
Sorry Cocoboy, I can't help you with saltwater questions. I thought I had sent this thread to our salty expert to respond, but maybe now. Let me see if I can get you an answer!
Hey Cocoboy - sorry for the delay in responding,

You'd be ok adding one yellow tang to a 75 gallon tank but I'd not have more than one. They can be territorial and will slap at each other with the spines they can stick at the base of their tails. Only having one tang is my recommendation and you can keep other fish in the tank with them since they are mostly aggressive with their own kind. They should get along fine with clownfish.

There isn't a whole lot to choose from when it comes to schooling saltwater fish that are commonly available. However, do a google search on Chromis cyaneus (blue chromis) and Chromis viridis (green chromis) which I think are schooling saltwater fish that should get along ok.

If you want gobies - check out the Elacatinus oceanops (neon blue goby). It's a cleaner fish but it should also accept frozen, live and flake foods.

You're at the really fun part in my opinion - researching the fish and inverts. Spend more time at the beginning and you'll have less headaches and more enjoyment going forward.

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thanks ya'll!! sorry its been so long since i've checked, but I swear my teachers have gone insane on school work. yes, we are gettin live rock. we just got the tank a few days ago and set it up tonite. we should be going back to the shop in a week or two for the rock.

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