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Okay, so this may just be me being parranoid or whatever, but so far I haven't had any casualties, or no sickness at all, but today is the fourth day that my yellow tang is in the tank, and i've noticed a white spot on the base of his tail fin, I hope this is a marking they all have, or a unique marking, and not something that will need to be treated because my quarantine decided to have a leak just 2 days ago, and i'm quarentineless.
Can someone else with a yellow tang confI'm that they have a single white dot each side of their tail fin (where the body and the tail meet) And he also has a line across his body on both sides, I didn't know they had that before either.

Can someone please just clear me up that i'm not going to have to remove le fishy =[

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the white dots on which I think you are talking about are the spines they use this is why they get the name surgeon fish,, the marking down the side is like triangles over lapping this is there lateral line markings ,, hope this helps


+1...le fishy is fine.
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haha, thank the lord :]

I was pretty sure the line was normal, as they all had it, but I hadn't noticed the dot before on his tail, which is why I had to ask

Thanks for clearing that up for me!
CheesI Is safe!

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