Yellow tang for my tank size?


I'm still trying to figure out an idea of what to stock my tank with when it gets done cycling (which seems will never happen! haha)
anyway... some places on the net say its cool to keep a yellow tang in a 55gal tank... others say 75...
would it be horrible of me to keep one in this tank? would it be happy? I'll read it stories and play songs to it on my guitar if that will help its quality of life...


55gal would work, but it might be a little small when it getas full grown.


the yellow tang seems to be the only tang that would be a good size for a 55g. i've heard blue tangs work too, but just don't let anyone know. you'll get a verbal thrashing.


I have a 65 gallon tank that is only only 36" wide and my yellow tang is doing well. The one I bought is probably a good 2 years old as he is a medium size tang. While he can swim pretty fast, he just loves my rock work and will dart in and out of the stuff.

The one thing I would say about yellow tangs, is be sure to feed them seaweed fairly often. Just put it on a clip and they'll grab the stuff and munch on it. Head to your local supermarket and pick up some nori. That's a Japanese seaweed that is used for making sushi. You don't need much for each feeding and the stuff is cheap. But the reason for getting it is helps keep them healthy. Think of it as vitamins for them.

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