Yellow Lab?

  1. RandomGuy Initiate Member

    Hey guys, quick question. I do not have a picture on me, but can post one tonight after work if needed. I purchased a fish from my lfs a couple weeks back labeled as a yellow lab. However, it has no black stripe on it's fin like most pure labs do. I was looking at pictures of hybrids, but most of them are solid yellow. Mine has black vertical bars on it's body. Would this likely be a hybrid, or can yellow lab lack the black fin Stipe?
  2. Katie13 Fishlore VIP Member

    Sounds similar to a Kenyi.

  3. RandomGuy Initiate Member

    That seems to be black horizontal bars, unless I'm mixing the 2 up. Mine has black bars going from it's belly, upward to it's back.
  4. Bruxes and Bubbles Well Known Member Member

    Kinda hard to say without pictures. Does it look like a bumblebee cichlid maybe?

  5. RandomGuy Initiate Member

    The body looks like this:


    But the fins look like this:


    I'll get a pic tonight.
  6. Katie13 Fishlore VIP Member

    Yellow Acei?
  7. RandomGuy Initiate Member

    Impossible to tell from google if it's a yellow acie, because it seems people get those mixed up with yellow labs in their pictures. You may be on to something with that kenyi idea. I looked at pictures and it seems to be similar. Though the bars on most of those seem to be less uniform than the ones on my fish, I'll look at more pictures here shortly. I appreciate the feedback so far, quite informative considering how confusing this all can be to somebody new to the African cichlid game. I don't know how great of a picture I can get, but I'll get you guys something tonight for sure.

  8. RandomGuy Initiate Member

    Here's a picture. After looking more closely, I'm pretty certain this is a male kenyi. Would I be correct in this assumption?


    Sorry guys my image just isn't showing up. It shows fine when I hit edit, but once I post it doesn't work. Let's try a link.

    The link seems to work. Let me know ow what you guys think, thanks.
  9. Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

    I think it's a hybrid.
  10. RandomGuy Initiate Member

    What makes you think it's a hybrid?


  11. Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

    The closest I can think of is a male kenyi, but I don't think that fully fits either, that's why.....
  12. RandomGuy Initiate Member

    I understood that part, but what parts of the first don't fully fit so that I can look closer as well? Is it the fins, body shape, color, mouth? Need to know what I need to look closer at.
  13. Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

    I'd say the color.
  14. RandomGuy Initiate Member

    I should have added that his color changes some, I had just turned the lights on in that picture, and he looked pretty pale for his pictures. His color also seems to change some when my red zebra is around, as he is the alpha fish of the tank. Sometimes he seems more yellow and stripes look darker, sometimes he seems to get a little pale.