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Discussion in 'Electric Yellow Cichlid' started by Rookie23, May 26, 2019.

  1. Rookie23 Valued Member Member

    So I was feeding my mbuna a relized one of my yellow labs are holding. I know it sounds cold but I'm not interested in breeding or raising fry. Will the fry just be eaten when she spits? If this is the case I'm assuming they are going to keep breeding since it's a whole tank of mixed unsexed juvi's that I got about 2months ago. And is it unhealthy for the females if I let it continue.
  2. Momgoose56 Well Known Member Member

    No it's not unhealthy for females to have babies (biology), not all of the juvies will be eaten (statistics), and yes, if you put males with females they will continue breeding (biology again). If you don't want fry either get rid of all the males or all the females (common sense).
  3. AngryRainbow Valued Member Member

    I agree with Momgoose. Don't assume all the fry will be eaten. I made that mistake thinking my population of guppies would not explode in a community tank. I was wrong... So wrong...
  4. Rookie23 Valued Member Member

    Lol i have a found a LFS that will take any fry that make it so I'm happy about that but now 5 days later I go from great fish activity to one being sick or beat up bad so on to another thread lol. Thanks for all ur help everyone