Yellow Lab Acting Wierd

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I have a yellow Lab that has been acting weird recently. It's just been laying in the rock and has gotten some darker spots on it.

Last week I had a catfish get ick so I raised the water temp in the tank to 86 degrees. The other fish don't have the spots as of yet.

Any thought what it might be?
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Are all the dark patches on the fish or from the glass? Sometimes I'll see some of my Africans with dark spots from where they got bit/attacked.
Is the fish still eating? Male for female? It could be a female that spawned and is now hiding away as holding females often do.
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Can you tell us your water parameters? That could be the issue.
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The dark spots are on the fish, on the fins and it's body. Hmm. I don't know if it's a male or female. Is it obvious to tell in the picture? I have two other labs in the tank. I haven't seen it get attacked. It's usually more aggressive than the other fish.

My water parameters are:
Ammonia - 0
Nitrite - 0
Nitrate - 20
pH - 7.6
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It's not always obvious to tell from pictures when it comes to labs. Usually a female lab with have less black on her fins and a lighter, almost white under belly. It looks like your fish has an egg spot, most males have them but I also have females with egg spots so it's not a great indicator of sex.

Watch the fish very closely, does it ever move its mouth as if it is chewing something? From the one pic it almost looks like it's holding eggs.

It could be that the fish is a male and was attacked by another male fish (hence the marks) and is in hiding. What other fish do you have besides the 3 labs?
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Well. The lab doesn't have a whitish under belly like another one in the tank. It's bottom fin has no black on it either. It is moving its mouth around like you indicted. And for a previous question, it has been eating fine and is always the first fish looking for food.

Hmm.. I have all cichlids and a catfish. 2 chocolates, 1 albino, some blue looking fish, a longer needle type fish that looks like a barracuda, a giraffe, a fish that looks like a snook, and a couple others in my 75 gallon tank.
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If it's holding eggs then it won't be eating and will mostly hide away for about 3 weeks until it spits the fry. Unless the eggs are not fertilized, then she'll hold for about a week and then realize they're not going to turn into babies.

As for the needle type fish, it is also a cichlid? Could it be a trout cichlid? It's not a type of gar right?
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Ok. I will keep an eye on the fish. It occasionally come out, swims around the tank and play in the air bubbles and goes back.

Here are some of the other fish I have.
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All looks good to me then. They are all Africans except the one in the second pick, I think that ones a key hole, an American cichlid. Keep an eye out for aggression from that one and the little "needle-ish" one. I would actually recommend re-homing those two, but until bullying and aggression becomes a problem they should be alright for now.

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