5 Gallon Tank Yellow bubbles on Glofosh Tetra


Hello all and thanks in advance!!

Background: I quarantined my orange Glofish Tetra from the main tank as I'm sure he had swim bladder disease. He was bloated and had a hard time swimming straight, he kept floating like he was standing vertically. I saw to quarantine the fish, have them fast for 3 days, then on the 4th day feed them a peeled boiled pea. Were on the 3rd day of fasting, so tomorrow he gets the pea. And he doesn't look as bloated, and can control himself a little better!

Current: But this morning when I checked on him I noticed he has these yellow bubbles only on his right side. Is it lymphocystis? What should I do? 20200929_082626.jpg20200929_082712.jpg20200929_082730.jpg


Look closely, are there worms in the bubbles? If so, it's flukes. If not these could be tumors or abcesses. 5 Gallon is far too small for even one of these tetras and just for quarantine. Also spare the peas, feeding those doesn't do anything (whatever you heard about that is just urban legend) and tetras eat a more meaty diet.

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