Yellow Blue Eye Bristlenose Pleco

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by WD66, May 5, 2019.

  1. WD66 Valued Member Member

    Am wondering if i should try and place a 2 inch yellow Blue Eyed Bristlenose Pleco with a 21/2 inch Oscar in the same tank. I have been wanting one for a long time. But am wondering if he will survive. Been trying to find out if it has the same type of armor as a regular Pleco. Not having a lot of luck finding one in this neck of the woods. three stores and not one had one and one tried to find one and they wanted 100 bucks for a 3 inch!! I found this one in a store in Ohio. Price is ok but small fish??

  2. Demeter Fishlore VIP Member

    If the tank is large enough and there are a few hiding spots for the pleco it should be fine. Oscars seem to pretry docile for their size and a little 2.5in juvenile should be fine with a 2in BN.

    It may be wise to add the pleco after lights out. Also a good idea to quarantine for a few weeks prior to introduction. Often times young BN are rather skinny and weak when I see them in stores. 2in is a pretty good size for BN, most often they are in the 1-1.5in range so it may not be an issue.

  3. WD66 Valued Member Member

    Ok, I like that idea of the qt. Have a 2.5 for it i just get water out of the tank and then a foam filter for it. I have lots of rocks and hiding places in the aquarium. Should have that little fellow Monday, Next. I can't remember how long i have been wanting one. After this one i need a Black Ghost Knifefish. That completes the roster. Now if i can find one in the 4-6 inch size for less that the fillings out of my teeth!:(

  4. Demeter Fishlore VIP Member

    If the only tank you can quarantine in is a 2.5gal then it is probably better to put in the main tank. I'd have at least a 5gal quarantine, 10gal being preferred. You'd really want the quarantine already set up, cycled and ready for new fish in advance.

    Also, a black ghost knife in a 55gal would be quite the squeeze. Just the oscar in there as an adult is cramped IMO.
  5. WD66 Valued Member Member

    Back in the early ninetys i had a 36 flat back hex with a 20 gal long sump under it same as a 56 gallon tank. Now there was a 10 inch pleco, a 7 inch oscar, a 12 inch black ghost, a 5 inch firemouth, a 6 inch jaguar cichlid and a 5 inch jack dempsey..they grew to the tank and i sold them to a fellow who had a 500 gallon tank. I turned my tank into my first salt water tank. I did 25% water changes twice a week and no fighting in the tank! Tests never went above 10ppm nitrate. Lucky?? Nah!
  6. Demeter Fishlore VIP Member

    When a fish is forced to grow to the size of the tank they are basically being stunted, which is unhealthy and painful long-term. A quick google search and several of the websites state at least 100gal for an adult ghost knife. Do as you wish but the stocking isn't ideal for that tank size.
  7. WD66 Valued Member Member

    Working on a 150 as we speak. Problem solved. The ones from my tank i raised them from babys. When they started to get as big as they were getting, i gave them to a friend that had a bigger tank. I went back there in 1999 and he still had all of them! Boy they were Big!!the ghost was about 18" the oscar was about the same. The others were full adult as well. He had to move the pleco to another tank as it was about 30 inches! They were Beautiful!!
  8. SFGiantsGuy Well Known Member Member

    Yeah I've seen some Clown Loaches get as big as those too...kinda freaky...!
  9. WD66 Valued Member Member

    I have been thinking of a species tank. Might keep the pleco in the 55 and put the cichlids and knife in the 150. Will see how i work this out.