Yay! 55 Gallon Tank

Discussion in 'Discus Fish' started by Atavar, Mar 21, 2010.

  1. A

    Atavar Valued Member Member

    I must be doing something right.. I finally got a perfect score on water chemistry..

    Temp - 80F
    PH - 6.0
    Am - 0.0
    No2 - 0.0
    N03 - 0.0
    Chl - 0.0
    dGh - 1

    So now I suppose yur gonna tell me I need more tests.. lol
  2. benjaminBreaker

    benjaminBreaker Valued Member Member

    Congrats! You should always do more tests. I test my water every day when my mollies or platies are pregnant.
  3. ifixoldhouses

    ifixoldhouses Valued Member Member

    Temp is too low, 85 is optimal for Discus
  4. OP

    Atavar Valued Member Member

    Everywhere I have read so far says 80-82F for Discus.. says to raise to 85 to treat ich..
  5. ifixoldhouses

    ifixoldhouses Valued Member Member

    For discus fish, the ideal temperature value is between 82 - 88oF (28 - 31oC). They can survive at a temperature of 77oF (25oC) but their resistance to pathogens may start to drop.

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