Yay Parasites (is The Rest Of My Tank Doomed?) Help

  1. CloudTheFluffy

    CloudTheFluffy Valued Member Member

    I'm pretty positive my female angelfish has internal parasites, stringy white poop constantly, skinny barely eating and lethargic.
    So after digging around I found my old 5g and put my betta in there with an airstone and my angel is in a 20g alone.
    She's not eating and I'm worried that my whole tank is infected.
    No one has shown any symptoms and I removed her as soon as she had two white poops in a day.
    She had only gotten worse and stopped eating once I moved her two days ago. Should I get meds and dose everybody? what is a good parasite med?
    I was thinking Prazipro but it's quite expensive without shipping and won't be here for at least two weeks so is there anything else? Keeping in mind I have scaleless fish (cory cats and loaches) so what dose?
  2. AquaticJ

    AquaticJ Well Known Member Member