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  1. Ohio Mark Well Known Member Member

    Garden 1.jpg Garden 2.jpg

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  2. fissh Well Known Member Member

    WOW :;bananagreen:;bananared:;bananaslide:;bananababy
  3. Punkin Well Known Member Member

    Sooo..... how do you keep the deer away? They annihilate everything I plant. :meh:
  4. Ohio Mark Well Known Member Member

    Thank you.
  5. Ohio Mark Well Known Member Member

    We have dogs. We also live beside a huge hill with lots of hay fields, corn fields, etc. and we often see them out there in the morning & evening, but they seem to be leery of coming too close to our buildings. Maybe the fact we live in area with a lot of hunting has taught them to be wary of humans? Also, notice the trucks & trailers in part of the background. There is a trucking firm just out of sight of the steep bank in our backyard and trucks come & go all day & night up there. Fortunately we can't see or hear much of what goes on up there, but it has got to have a deterring effect on roaming deer.
  6. grantm91 Well Known Member Member

    Wow is correct id pay to go on holiday there lol b99543e63ec05934d317747b4d4141f0.jpg theres my little yard, fish related bucket included.
  7. Ohio Mark Well Known Member Member

    Ha! Well... we do seem to have a wee bit more elbow room. :) On the other hand, I'd LOVE to visit the UK!
  8. stella1979 Well Known Member Member

    Beautiful Mark! Thanks for sharing. I always enjoy your photos. :)
  9. Ohio Mark Well Known Member Member

    Thanks. And I was only able to post them because other folks on here gave me the instructions how to do so.
  10. RedLoredAmazon Well Known Member Member

    Your gardens are lovely to look at! I especially like your vegetable garden setup. I'm planning on doing that with mine once it falls apart; my hubby won't let me change it anymore since I have moved the veggie garden three times since we moved here!
  11. kabellem Member Member

    Beautiful - I have pleasant envy looking at these photos and the ones earlier of your buggies and barn! I live in an apartment in MN, and my view is of a parking lot! I grew up on a farm in Iowa and I am longing for those days again!
  12. Ohio Mark Well Known Member Member

    We are switching over to raised beds wherever possible. It's worth it!
  13. Ohio Mark Well Known Member Member

    Thank you. I don't know what would become of me if I had to move into an apartment, so it's a reminder to me to be thankful.
  14. OnTheFly Well Known Member Member

    The raised beds are a good idea. With loose fertile soil they are so much easier to maintain. I had to remove a few planting beds this year because I just couldn't keep up with the weeds in full sun during summer. Ground gets hard then and chemicals were the only way to fight the weeds off at all. I have a special fancy hosta I purchased the year my daughter was born. 21 years later and going strong :) I have some ornamental grasses that are almost that old.
  15. Ohio Mark Well Known Member Member

    The raised beds make a huge difference! Have you tried mulching your beds? It helps keep moisture in and makes wedding so much easier. Kudos on the hosta & grass -- they are a lot longer-living than some people realize. Our oldest hosta clump must be about the same age and we have split starts off countless times.
  16. AmazonPassion Moderator Moderator Member

    Love the vegetable garden, wish I had the space to make mine as big as yours
  17. OnTheFly Well Known Member Member

    I built my home on a bit over one acre of vacant hillside. As I do with all my hobbies I completely lost my mind and took it to great excess. :) Planted 100 trees and fought the deer for years, 1/8 acre wildflower prairie, large vegetable garden and perhaps 2000 square ft of ornamental beds. Yes I did try to mulch all that for a decade. I kept up with it for about 10 years and it has looked poor since then. I have been removing beds this year so I can do it correctly next year. My property does look like the Minnesota Northwoods though which was the goal. I don't have to mow much of the hilliest parts anymore. I conquered the deer in the end. Now I am thinning trees annually before they get so large I can't do it myself. I should have planted more trees I can burn in the woodstove. A few too many conifers lol :)
  18. Ohio Mark Well Known Member Member

    Thanks. The funny part of this is we made our garden smaller the last two years... the children are going out on their own one by one -- less veggies needed. :)
  19. Ohio Mark Well Known Member Member

    Oh, I so hear you about hobbies taking over! Ha, started with ONE hosta. ;) Congrats on beating the deer. We took over a dozen ash trees down in our yard a few years ago because they were dying. Now we are undecided what/ how many to plant, so just do one or two a year... Coming up on 50 and with children going out on their own, the Mrs. & I are starting to think we should be looking at ways to cut-back on yard work.
  20. OnTheFly Well Known Member Member

    I'm 54 and my back is a little soft. Better to have less beds done correctly. I hated killing plants I took care of for so long but I could only find so many people crazy enough to do this too. I shared as much as I could. :) I lost all my white birch to borers. They were a bad idea in my climate. It's best to diversify species and avoid tree calamity.