Xtreme Professional Formula pellets - Cichlid PeeWee review

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This is a fairly new brand, they've only been available for a few years. I've seen them in a few places, but I don't think they are widely distributed yet. It is carried by a few online vendors, including Kensfish and SwissTropicals.

I've been using the Cichlid PeeWee, a 1.5mm sinking pellet for about a year and a half now. I had a free sample, 2.8 oz. container in the goodie bag at the OCA Extravaganza in 2013. I also bought some rare Cichlids there, and when I got them home they would not eat any kind of flake, or other pellets that I had. I dropped some of these in, and these two inch young went crazy for them. I tried it on a few other fish, such as angels and some medium sized Tetras, they also liked them. Previously I could only get these fish to eat certain meaty flakes.

I have used these pellets for a number of fish, and have found that the fish grow quickly and are much more colorful than is normally expected for the species. I have talked to a Canadian aquarist who knows the guy that developed these pellets, and he showed pictures of fish raised on NLS next to fish raised on Xtreme pellets. The difference in size and color is stunning. These were formulated for use in commercial breeding, primarily Cichlids and Catfish.

I highly recommend this food. The very fact that I am posting a review is a testament to how much I believe in the quality of this product; I do not normally do reviews of anything.


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I've been using Xtreme for all my larger Rainbows, Africans and larger fish. The smaller pellet really aides in their feeding. I'll have to check out that food online if its available. Or...are you talking about the Xtreme? I already use that and the fish JUMP at it!
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