Xenophallus umbratilis

Hello, I would like to ask about your experience with xenophallus umbratilis (also known as golden teddy I believe). There's not much information about them anywhere. I would like to know about temperature, feeding, how sensitive they are or anything you think I should know before keeping them.
Thank you in advance

They're omnivores. So, they eat alomost everything you offer. The most interesting part is that they have a wide range in temperature margin from 18-40°C. This makes it an outstanding species to keep outdoors during the better months of the year. Also these got an average gestation period of approx. 4 weeks.
They're pretty hardy for slender fish. They do like a water flow at the surface.


The females tend to grow up till 8 cm and the males till 6 cm (but that also depends on how much space they have).
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