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Discussion in 'Goldfish' started by myrats, Jul 16, 2017.

  1. myratsNew MemberMember

    Four weeks ago I got my first goldie in a long time, a gold Oranda we named Xenia. As time went by we realized she was lonely, make that a three days of owning her we realized this. So we started hunting and stalking local fish stores that sell Ryukins and Orandas, me really wanting a Ryukin. Finally a friend who works at Petsmart called me and told me they had a really nice shipment of Orandas come in. I went down after work and saw this pathetic excuse for an Oranda, red veiny fins and black ammonia burns. Just two weeks of good quality water and meds turned him around to looking like a normal goldfish. We ended up naming him Phil, short for Philoctetes from Hercules. A few days ago I felt brave and put Phil in with Xenia, they haven't left one anothers side since. Both have full run of a 40 gal tank and once we move and they are big enough both will go in a 70 gal tank.

    So much more personality then my grumpy bettas lol. Gosh forbid I don't feed the Orandas twice a day then I got the "mom your starving us" face.

    In the picture, which I took after I'd kicked up sand in the tank, Xenia is the solid gold one and Phil is the red and white. goldfish.jpg
  2. BottomDweller

    BottomDwellerFishlore VIPMember

    Beauiful goldies! :) Goldfish are really social. I have 7 currently in my 1600 gallon pond and they stick together all the time, they seem to school more than schooling fish like danios.
  3. Sarah73

    Sarah73Fishlore VIPMember

    Congrats! amazing goldies you have there! If you want to put them in the 70 gallon you can add one or two more goldies so they have more friends.
  4. OP

    myratsNew MemberMember

    I was always told that I should get a 60 once these two are bigger. I'd love to get another variety of goldie, like a ranchu I 'd take them over a ryukin any day but none are sold locally.

    And thank you by the way :) . I had to stand on tip toes to look in there tanks at the store. Xenia was completly alone so I took pity on her, hence why I got her, and then I got Phil not seeing his issues. But I noticed in the checkout line and did what I could to help and it worked.
  5. Sarah73

    Sarah73Fishlore VIPMember

    70 gallon is even better than a 60. You can get a variety of goldfish like you said, but keep away from the double tailed goldfish that get 1 foot long. Remember the rule? 20 gallon for the first goldie and 10 gallon for every other one?
  6. OP

    myratsNew MemberMember

    So then they can stay in this 40 for a while then? They are always on the move these two. I heard though if I get a ranchu it'd need to go seperate away from the orandas as the orandas are better swimmers.

    I don't like the looks of comets, I like the looks of these water potatos

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