WTB Malaysian Trumpet Snails in PA

  1. x

    xVitox Valued Member Member

    I am looking to buy some Malaysian Trumpet Snails and do not feel like paying 50$ for some. Anybody in the Philadelphia area or who is willing to ship these little guys post on this site!
  2. cwb141

    cwb141 Valued Member Member

    :;snail$50.00?!?!?!?! I paid $1.00 for 4 at my LFS. How many are you looking to buy, 200?
  3. h

    hop2jr Valued Member Member

    Go to Pet Smart most all of them here in Youngstown Ohio are over run with them. I have gottin about 2000 in the past year from, and they gave them away for free.

  4. Regal

    Regal Well Known Member Member

    I asked Petsmart for some. They gave me about 20 or so for free. That was quite a while ago and now I have exactly 4,675,493. I counted them lol
  5. cwb141

    cwb141 Valued Member Member

    The 4 I bought are now around 40 in a month. If you buy a few you'll start seeing little ones within a couple weeks.
  6. sirdarksol

    sirdarksol Fishlore Legend Member

    I've got some, and they wouldn't cost more than a few bucks (primarily to cover shipping). Unfortunately, I can't send them until the weather warms up. They'd die in the cold.
  7. Lucy

    Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    Please remember, this isn't a dicussion thread.
    This is a WTB thread. ;)

    Edit: lol sds....thanks for addressing xVitox's request.
  8. sirdarksol

    sirdarksol Fishlore Legend Member

    Agreed, and thanks for saying that. I meant to, and then forgot.

    Also, in addition to what I said, xVitox, send me a PM in March or April (depending on what the weather's doing) if you still don't have any snails.