WTB Feeder Guppies

  1. gocrow77

    gocrow77 Valued Member Member

    Looking for just a few feeder/wild guppies to start a colony with. Our local Petco just doesn't order them they use goldfish or minnows, and while they are cheap online I just don't need or have space for a minimum order of 500+. I kept them years ago as a simple fun tank and occasionally fed fry and juveniles to my cichlids. I want to start a new tank of them just for fun - I think they are nearly as pretty and attractive as the fancies. I know I could probably find Endlers easily and have, but I really want the wild type guppy if I can track some down. Please PM me with the number of fish available, price and shipping cost please. Thanks!
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    Teishokue Well Known Member Member

    just mix fanicies together and you have feeders