Wtb Aponogeton Crispus, Ludwigia Repens, And Anacharis Want To Buy

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    I would love some aponogeton crispus, ludwigia repens, and anacharis for the background of my dutch tank. If anyone could offer some or all 3 of the plants it would be super awesome. Also, what would be the cost per stem and shipping if you could provide that. I can get that in a private message if you prefer it that way. Thanks!!!
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    I have some warm strain (75-81°) and cold strain (55-75°) anacharis for $1per foot, but the cold strain may have some snails (ramshorns and an unidentified one) and the cold strain may have ramshorns and limpets. Shipping would be $9-10, depending on the amount you want, if you want any, since I get the shipping is a bit much when I don't have all you want. I have a lot of red root floaters also, lol.
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    Anyone have amazon swords specifically the amazonicus with the skinnier leaves?
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    Thanks!!! I just got some ludwigia repens recently, but I like what you have. I'll keep you in mind for the future!