Wow, Virtual Space Cowbys Are Still Up And Running.

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    Years ago back in 2003 when Unreal Tournament, the second production of this game was very popular on the internet. I really loved playing this FPS, but I was never good enough to join a clan because every time I had to try out playing against one of their members I got my wiped away. So I was told sorry, but thanks for trying.

    So myself and two old online game friends of mine where chatting one night and all of us decided it was not fair to have to compete to join a clan. Clans where the big thing back then.

    So we decided to create a totally different type of clan the likes never seen before. Everyone was welcome to join, no try outs. I was was known at that time as stilgar*VSC*. The two asterisk showed I was a full member of VSC.

    According to our charter anyone could join, only a person's attitude toward others meant whether you could become a full member or not. So a new member could join and add the VSC handle to their name but only as a trial. After playing with a new member for long enough all the present full VSC members would take a vote as to allowing a new member to join VSC and get their first badge. But it wasn't an asterisk at first, we used this symbol ^ to signify they where officially a VSC member, like this ^VSC. When time came for promotions again a vote was tallied. So on and so forth.

    So how good a person played never factored into being a member of VSC only attitude toward others and perseverance as a member of VSC.

    I tell you we had tons of people wanting to join, everyone felt for the most part they needed to be part of something. But most where like us, not really good enough. First we had only one UT server but as time went on it quickly grew to more.

    But as all things eventually everyone gets tired of the game and moves on. So I have not even checked on VSC for over five years or longer. They are still up and running when all other clans are long gone, due to VSC flexibility.
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