WOW - Rainbow fry!

  1. k

    kitty2234 Valued Member Member

    Hi Friends,

    I knew that my Rainbow cichlids were in love. I wasn't sure intill a few minutes again that I have a bonded, breeding pair! My fry have started hatching and are turning into wigglers!

    These are my first successful cichlid fry. I know that I might lose some of them, while I learn.

    I am waiting to start the live brine shrimp hatchery. Now, I only need them to get closer to free swimming.

    (The fry tank had many problems. None of my small heaters are trustworthy. The tank was up to 90 degrees F, so I changed heaters and put the eggs into the tank. - The next morning the tank was at 60 degrees F, so I again changed heaters. Now the tank is close to 68 degrees. I was worried that the change from 90 to 60, might have killed or affected the eggs and fry.)

    Hopefully things will be better now. I am also working on sealing up some cracked 10 gallon tanks for the fry to move to next.

  2. bolivianbaby

    bolivianbaby Fishlore Legend Member

    Congratulations! Fry are so exciting!