Wow Fish For 150 Gallon?

Discussion in 'Gouramis' started by Abdullah, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. A

    Abdullah New Member Member

    Need ideas for a WOW fish for my 150 gallon tank
    Of the three which should i get?
    - or Giant redtail gorami

    The fish needs to be able to live its life in a 150 gallon tank at max size, needs to stand out, I only want one, to stand out of a pack of 6 silver dollars and 2 blue crayfish. Its needs to be abit big, and not to eat my crays, dont want any other Cichlids besides Oscar due to them being way too color full. I am open to suggestions, about puffers, I dont want them because they will eat my crays, unless you know and puffer that wont. Thanks
  2. Fishywife

    Fishywife Valued Member Member

    I'd go with a flowerhorn personally edit: I didnt read it fully and a flowerhorn would eat everything in your tank...
  3. BettaAquarium

    BettaAquarium New Member Member

    The oscar would eat the crayfish. Stocking a larger tank usually is depending on the measurements.
    I love oscars, and I would highly recommend them. They would not bother the silver dollars but would eat the crayfish.

    Oscars need quite wide tanks because they grow quite large.
    Once we get to know your measurements, we can furtherly stock the tank.
  4. OP

    Abdullah New Member Member

    It is 48" L x 30"H x 18'W

    Any other recommendations
  5. OP

    Abdullah New Member Member

    Read below
  6. OP

    Abdullah New Member Member

    Redtail looks nice, and not everyone has one, same with the datnoid
  7. B

    Becknewt24 Valued Member Member

    Would a black ghost knifefish be an option? Don't know too much about them other than they need 150 gallons I heard, but heard once trained they are very sociable.
  8. OP

    Abdullah New Member Member

    hmm, sounds cool, only thing is they kinda look like a muddy water electric eel (not a bad thing), but they mostly hang near the bottom I guess, my cray may eat them or other way around? Can someone tell me more about knife fish, any other recommendation, also would I be able to have a knife fish, 2 crays, 6 silver dollars, and 1 big fish in one 150 gallon tank?
  9. aussieJJDude

    aussieJJDude Well Known Member Member

    The knife and the crays wont work out well IMO. Id choose between the two.
  10. OP

    Abdullah New Member Member

    lol okay, Crays them, I just love them too much for no reason

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